"I'm constantly fascinated by what's around the next corner".


Warren Clarke is an Australian photographer based in Sydney; he has over 20 years experience working in all faucets of editorial, commercial and documentary photography.


His passion for photography was born from working as a press photographer in London during the early 90’s before moving back to Australia were he started working for national daily newspapers such as The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. During this time he was covering daily news, features, sport and celebrity profiles. As well as newspapers he also covered national events for news agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and AAP.


Warren was a founding member of the renowned Australian photo collective “Oculi” that started operating in 2000. He has since been represented by various agencies worldwide and his work has featured in such titles as The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal as well as shooting stills and video for production companies such as The Discovery Channel, BBC and Open Society Foundations.


Warren has travelled vastly throughout his career and his passion for exploring new & interesting emerging social trends, traditional cultures and humanitarian issues is evident in the work he produces.